Markham Men’s Recreational
Hockey League.

We are a non profit.

Member’s run hockey league.

Dedicated to the lifelong participation & Enjoyment of our game of hockey.

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Who We Are

Markham Men’s Recreational Hockey League, also known as the MMRHL, began its operations in 1977-78 and, in 2017-18, we celebrated our 40th year as a non profit grassroots organization providing a recreation opportunity for adult residents of the City of Markham, both past and present.

About The League

At the request of Markham Parks and recreation, MMRHL provides guidance and counsel regarding the future direction of all recreational activities within the city. Also, as an active member of the Markham Sport Council, MMRHL supports their efforts to promote sport as an integral component of daily life. In 2008, Mayor Frank Scarpitti, acting on behalf of the Council, presented MMRHL with an Award of Achievement recognizing our contribution of 30 years to the recreational needs of our citizens.

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Investing in the community benefits us all. We could not accomplish this goal without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of our committed supporters.