League By Laws


For out of the ordinary incidences. Captains will play a much larger role in determining punishment or penalty times

The procedure for such situations is that the captain who feels he has a major grievance against an opposing team player must immediately at the conclusion of the game communicate with the opposing captain and express his grievance/opinion. If some logical compromise of a penalty term cannot be reached, it will then be up to the initiating captain to contact the division rep who will call together all of the other captains in the division plus an executive member(s) to resolve appropriate disciplinary action.


A player who may be nearing penalty minute suspension (within a two or less minutes) must be advised by his Captain prior a game of his remaining eligible playing minutes. Any player, who attains his maximum allowable penalty minutes at any time during a game, must leave the game immediately and retire to the dressing room. The player will be suspended immediately for the balance of the season which includes the annual year end tournament.

A player, who was on the ice at the time of the infraction, will take the offending players place in the penalty box.